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Since her childhood Márcia wonders the interaction between people and the world and tries to capture it through arts.

She experienced working in various forms of art but it’s through photography that the world revels to her more clearly.

Stimulated by the surroundings, anything can be a theme to explore.

Photography for her is the best excuse to get access to moments in history and people's lives and to be able to tell those stories.


"As Cores do Mundo" at Velha-a-Branca Cultural Center in Braga.

Portugal Feb. 2010

"L'Heure du Thé à Paris"​ at Clube de Chá Verde Tília in Porto.

Portugal Jan. 2011

"Fashion gone wild"​ at Save The Monkey Event in Braga.

Portugal Jan 2012

"BLING BLING vous êtes à Paris"​ at Caxuxa Design store and cultural space in Braga.

Portugal May 2013

"No coração mora a simplicidade"​ at Partes d' Arte Gallery in Arcos de Valdevez .

Portugal Feb. 2014

Márcia through other people eyes

"It’s in the details that Márcia points the lens. In the corners, folds and everything that surrounds her.  She captures spontaneously the world expressions."

Marlene Vinha

Porto, Portugal

"Discreet and full of strong convictions, with a strong aesthetic sense and analytical spirit."

Joana Damaso

Almada, Portugal

"A sweet and wandering soul always searching for more to explore."

Gabriela Rodrigues

Braga, Portugal

Her perspective is subtle and accurate that she easily transports us to a world she eternalizes in an image. From the simple tone of an ambience to a touch of hands, Márcia is versatility, is feminine, is activist but above all she is a wonderful soul that has the privilege of making people getting chills with her camera.

Ana Braga

Braga, Portugal

"How can a giant heart fit such a small body?"

Miguel Alves

Silves, Portugal

"Márcia captures what I can’t see… once I see the pictures I definitely realize what makes an artist: inspiration, passion, hard-working, diligence and sensitiveness. That’s Márcia in a nutshell with on top of that her kindness and empathy!"

Nuno Duarte

New York, USA

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